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Emil Cimiotti
Bergenthal, Theo / Joachim Stracke

ISBN 9783936636543
Uitgever Kehrer
Taal Meertalig
Categorie kunst
Meer info 2005, 299pp, hardcover, als nieuw
Extra informatie Emil Cimiotti's roots are in Informalism. He was recognized early as one of the pioneers and main representatives of German Informal sculpture. As early as 1958 and 1960, he took part in the Venice Biennale; in 1964, participation in dokumenta 3 followed. But the form language of his sculptures, produced by the lost-wax method, constantly changes and expands. Again and again there are transitions or breaks in which representational approaches are developed from the preceding structures. They too, then undergo transformations, returning to open structures. The forms always seem organic. In the course of time, older themes are addressed anew. They change – like the artist himself – but when viewed together, they exhibit an inner cohesion and an inner constancy. After the first part of the register of works, which appeared in the 1970s, this monograph presents for the first time a comprehensive overview of these extremely fascinating, processual transformations in Emil Cimiotti's work up to today. Exhibitions of the sculptures and drawings of Emil Cimiotti, for example in the sculpture museum Glaskasten Marl, the Städtischen Galerie Wolfsburg, the Kunstmuseum Kloster Unser Lieben Frauen Magdeburg, the Villa Wessel Iserlohn, and the Heidelberger Kunstverein, accompany the release of this publication.

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