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Northern Wilderness
Mears, Ray

ISBN 9780340980828
Taal Engels
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Meer info 2010, 220pp, mooi exemplaar
Extra informatie Examining extreme environments, this fascinating look at the frozen north includes explorations from the vast Boreal Forest with its rich animal life to the Hudson Bay fur trade and trappers who traded with the hat manufacturers of England. The guide follows the paths of the great early northern explorers, Samuel Hearn and David Thompson, who survived through their knowledge of what is now called bushcraft, as they trekked across the tundra and the Rocky Mountains. The ways of the Inuit are explored, including how they combat snow blindness and build shelter. This book is rich in bushcraft, as the unique survival techniques of the Native Canadians and the Inuit are explained, as are the ways the prospectors in the gold rush used bushcraft skills to survive.

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