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Dark Journey
Jim Morrison, Craig Strete

ISBN 9789062650354
Uitgever In de Knipscheer
Taal Engels
Categorie literatuur,Poezie
Meer info 1979, limited edition van 1000 ex, 46pp in zeer goede staat
Extra informatie Poetry by Jim Morrison (of The Doors) and Craig Strete. "I have seen the future and I won't go," says Morrison, staring at the sky as if he saw the words up there somewhere. And the day explodes, rocketting into a long shamanistic shared journey. Words tumble out as we write furiously, thrown together accidentally by the summer. Putting it all down on paper. Poems meant never to be heard except in the dark side of our lives. Stories of the yet to happen, fantasies that bleed and offer no comfort. The future has been to the barricades too many times. The future has been up against the wall so many times that the handwriting on the wall is now on the future. It is on us. We see our own deaths and the deaths of those around us.

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