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Fornicon / druk 1

ISBN 9789022915424
Uitgever Bruna Uitgevers, A.W.
Taal Nederlands
Categorie overig diverse
Meer info 1972, paperback, in redelijke staat
Extra informatie ‘The Fornicon’, was a series of shocking, yet comic depictions of gyrating, wiggling and penetrating sexual S&M machinery and people, er… interacting with it. It came in various forms including a large hardback and a folio in a box with loose sheets. Predictably Ungerer’s career as the illustrator of childrens books came to an abrupt end after his self-publication of ‘The Fornicon’ Ungerer returned to childrens books in 1998. The French city of Strasbourg, Ungere’s birthplace, has given him his own museum.

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