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Afrodita, cuentas, recetas y otris afrodisíacos
Isabel Allende

ISBN 9788401375927
Uitgever Plaza & Janés
Taal Spaans
Categorie overig diverse
Meer info 1997, 323pp, als nieuw met handgeschreven korte tekst op voorblad
Extra informatie Allende's beautifully illustrated new work is not a novel but an exaltation of aphrodisiacs and a review of how they have been used by different cultures throughout history. The stories cover a variety of topics, ranging from the aphrodisiac properties of certain foods to anecdotes from the author's own experience. Included are a number of recipes recommended to stimulate more than just your taste buds. This book will delight readers with its imagination, wit, and good taste.

€ 10,00


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