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Yoga Adjustments / Philosophy, Principles, and Techniques
Stephens, Mark

ISBN 9781583947708
Uitgever North Atlantic Books,U.S.
Taal Engels
Categorie hobby,yoga
Meer info 2014, 400pp, paperback, mooi exemplaar met lichte beschadiging achterkaft
Extra informatie The quintessential guide to yoga assisting and hands-on teaching, iYoga Adjustmentsi introduces the art and practice of providing yoga assists to yoga students. Addressing one of the most important topics in the yoga field, expert yoga instructor and best-selling author Mark Stephens covers the philosophy of yoga practice, the sensibilities of touch in teaching yoga and improving alignment, the seven principles of hands-on yoga teaching, and the twenty-five most effective methods of tactile cueing. An invaluable resource for all yoga teachers, teacher trainers, and serious yoga students, this book includes a foreword by yoga star Shiva Rea as well as over 850 unique instructional photos and explanatory captions demonstrating precise ways of guiding a variety of flowing sequences. Opening with an in-depth discussion of the philosophy of yoga assisting, Part I--iFoundationsi describes the methods and techniques of giving yoga assistance, with detailed discussions of all of the elements of yoga assisting including communicating with students, qualities of touch, the five basic steps of providing hands-on cues, hands-on positioning and stance. Part II--iApplicationsi demonstrates how to assist students in each of over 100 postures in the seven families of iasanasi (poses). Each chapter begins with background on an asana family and close consideration of its foundation asana. Each asana is presented in a two-page spread with photos that show how to give students effective guidance and support. Part III--iEvolutioni offers thoughts on the further development of yoga in the twenty-first century.

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